An ongoing experiment.

Since our teenage experience building houses for disadvantaged families in Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic, we have been working on a business model that would enable us to insert ourselves fully in empowerment projects that deviate individuals from the poverty cycle. We new (and still do) that depending on donations was simply not economically sustainable. If any donor sank, we would drowned with them. So we needed an entrepreneurial solution. In other words, we needed a product.

And that’s when the tees came in.

Selling t-shirts and using a percent of the profits to sustain our projects of community empowerment seemed like a plausible solution. We were curious about the effect on people’s apparel consumption patterns if they found out that they could create jobs or re-activate forsaken structures to develop community managed businesses just by choosing to wear our tees. And the reality is, our curiosity persists! 

So right now we are testing our hypothesis offering you comfy tees with simple arts that thrive to create jobs in a below the poverty standard community called Cerro Calero. Check the project out, and if your think is legit, get your tee and we will keep you post it! 


P.S. We love Star Wars, and Pink Floyd, and O Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. We also think robots are cool and scary at the same time.

We just wanted to throw that in the mix. Good day!