Cerro Calero



Transform one of the community’s forsaken structures into a local managed hostel.

From abandonemnt to productivity.

Cerro Calero is a community of humble characters eager for opportunities. Located in Aguadilla, one of the most strategic tourist destinations of Puerto Rico, it has more than ten (10) forsaken houses and structures, and it’s oppressed by a blindfolded, savaged capitalist mindset exerted by it’s municipal administration. 

But we seek to change this, starting with the transformation of an abandoned house into a hostel managed by locals. No, we are not into gentrification. We will pursue a process that protects and fosters the community’s passions, culture, and integrity.

Let’s stick it to the man, shall we? 

Casas abandonadas

SEE the Light.

Strategic location?  Yes

Resident’s will? Yes 

Some love (tools + materials + work)?

On their way

Blessed location

Cerro Calero is located in Aguadilla, PR, also known as the Garden of the Atlantic, where a 15 minute drive can place you in the parking lot of Nirvana…

Playuela desde la Esquina_
Borinquen Left_

The artist

Our core principle is to have a resident as compass. And in Cerro Calero, it’s Billy Joe who leads our way. 

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