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Project El Hotelito

Hand in hand with local artist of the Cerro Calero neighborhood, the Olita team is transforming an abandoned structure into an Airbnb. In the process a grassroots community tourism model is being formed through the beautification of forsaken spaces and the development of business models around them that create opportunity for the locals. 

Thanks to all the soul rebels. 


Oct 7th, 2018 Brigade

Task Finish debris clean up and “brush” structure with high pressure water pump. 

Cost Materials – $30.41 

Volunteers Eric Victor, José Lebrón, Diego Colón, Fernando Pérez, Andrew Gonzalez

Brigade Director  Roberto Lebrón 

The Model

Through our experience we have derived a model that help us bring to life our community projects. 

Oct 14th Brigade, 2018

Task Plastering, start first hand of primer painting and construction of windows and doors. 

Cost Materials – $200 + Community employment – $40 = $240 

Volunteers José Lebrón Laboy, Diego Colón Laboy, Jorge de Jesús Laboy, Katy Cordero, Claudia Blanco, “Piti”

Brigade Director  Roberto Lebrón 


Nov 3 Brigade, 2018

Task Creation of first floor’s entrance door (it opened a new space to work on) and start of design of water channel to mitigate structure damages by water runoff erosion. 

Cost – Materials ($50) + Community employment ($50) = $100

Volunteers Andrés de Jesús Laboy, Sofía de Jesús, Carlos de Jesús Laboy, Diego Colón Laboy, Teresa Pérez Canals, Frankie Solier, Paola Valentín, Roberto Torres Davis. 

Brigade Director Ing. Roberto Lebrón Laboy

Nov 25, 2018

Task Continuation of primer painting of the structure

Cost Materials ($40) + Transportation ($30) + Community payroll ($40)

Volunteers Claudia Blanco and Yankiomy Hernández

Brigade Director Diego Colón Laboy


Dec 2, 2018

Task Accumulated debris clean up from the lateral sides of the structure

Costs Transportation ($40) + Community Payroll ($232) = $272

Volunteers Fabian Luciano, Frankie Solier, and Teresa Pérez

Brigade Director Diego Colón Laboy



Project El Hotelito has been under evaluation for almost a year by entities who finance community empowerment projects. 

In the meantime, a random lawyer who nobody in the teams knows appeared at our footsteps and donated to the project. Subsequently, we received a contribution from The Puerto Rican Agenda, diaspora brothers based in Chicago. Thanks to both heavenly gestures, project El Hotelito has been able to pay for necessary materials, help some volunteers with their transportation costs, and most importantly, pay the community residents for their work, offering the hood an opportunity to make some money of their sweat. 

In contrast to the many presentations and proposals we have given the interested entities, we have never met personally with the mentioned donors. 

Sometimes the world works in interesting ways. 

IMG-2675 (1)

Jan 8, 2019

Tasks: Start the plastering process of all the imperfections of the structure

Costs: Materials ($217) + Payroll ($150) + Transportation ($30) + Lunch ($30) = $427

Volunteers: Diego Colón Laboy, Sofía Ayala, Carlos Javier, Jorge de Jesús Laboy, and Le Mot

Brigade Director: Gerardo Lebrón Laboy



Jan 26, 2019

Tasks Clearance of debris for preparation of the containment wall construction and finishing off indoor imperfections plastering

Costs Community labor ($110) + Transportation ($30) = $140 

Brigade Director Diego Colón Laboy