Project Pre-Cook

Casa 1
Billy chiqui





Before starting Phase 1 of our project in the Cerro Calero community, where we are transforming an abandoned structure into an community managed Airbnb, first thing to do is cleaning the space from the debris. That is, seventeen years of junk piled up. We called this the Pre-Cook phase. This gives us two good results. First, we get to see a clearer view of the area and analyze deeply the health of the structure. And second, a positive mindset is build up with those who community members who have adopt the project’s vision.

In this case, Billy Joe and his son Jwan, the community artists and the Project’s Leadership Team, are the ones that are with us in the field. And our cousin Juan Pablo, who is has been in the Olita family since its birth, always responds to the call. 


Please, pass by through this page from now and then to read this project’s progress. Its a cool thing to share with loved ones. 


¡Buen día! 


 – Gerardo Lebrón,  Founder